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   I've been trailing behind unable to keep up with the time.
   I'm so very lost in places to hard to find, I dare not tell of my worry of being unable to tell my own story.
   I didn't give up , I just move more slowly it's not hard to get lost and not trust your thoughts.
   It's easy to believe what you're is told is true then to trust what you been though.
   I know that I don't have to shine as bright as our sun that lights up the sky.
   I can stand and look still but I'm observing, learning to stay true to me and my will.
  I can't stop the time that whirls me, I just want to be sure that it's not binding me to the floor.
   I know I can't control how fast time can flow.
   I just want to be able to say, though I may be trailing I found my way.
  Even when my light was a candle that kept blowing out or got to hot to hold at time's I wanted to let go.
   In the darkest of night's it's light seemed so bright when my time runs out I know I well always have my light.


  • Aug 28, 2021

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