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That same day at the Bdsm Community event, me and my beautiful beloved princess pony, were able to take part in our community events and connect with local people and local groups for Dommes and Mistresses for different communities including professional and private Dommes from outside for the community that we were involved in. Meanwhile my pony and her beloved ponies friends were racing and winning me gifts and prizes for the races, I was in the pony studio looking out from the window from the third floor at the Horse's cup restaurant sitting in the garden area with a cup of warm chilli powder tea watching the final du Horse, to see if my pony would win first prize so we could return home from the Bdsm event, knowing that I was proud of my Pretty pony Bitch. Then all of a sudden. just as I was about to leave the restaurant the one and only most famous person and well known in the Bdsm community for being Community mayor of the village and   local business woman and of course professional Domme : Lady Geraldine Vin Gossehoven ask me Show her my Pretty pony Bitch I entered in the race that Morning and she said that she would be happy to discuss a bit of a bitchly brat bet with me. And of Dino Mistress Diana's Pony, also at the invited lunch party of Bdsm community event was a very seriously popular and well built Gorgeous looking attractive & very super creative young (Scottish) Professional Domme, with her wonderful lovely Thai umbrella waiting in restaurant rest  (area of the restaurant lounge) but that evening was getting a bit dark and cold. 

I stood, leashed to the post outside the restaurant where Master had left me after winning the races for him. My pony suit was still shiny, tack still highly polished leather, I still looked proud though inside I was 

Exhausted and lathered in sweat. The cool air has helped to restore me a little, but I need a long rest in my Masters stable. I had no energy to pull at my leash, even when some of the Dommes and Masters led their beautiful mares past me.

I whinnied as I saw the Master come through the door. I was proud of him and his strict and cruel training made me a wonderful racing pony. He was followed by a procession of Dommes, the most important in the town and the most feared for their merciless cruelty to their slaves and ponies. 

They came up to me, the Master placed his whip under my jaw to lift my head and bellowed “present!”  I stood as if to attention, arms behind my back, chest out head high, legs together ready to move off, whinnied and trotted one on the spot, just as I had been taught.

“My My” said Lady Geraldine “He is obedient and has such strong muscles too. I can just imagine what I could make him suffer if you ever lost him to me ! Would you like us all to play a game with him Master Tom? Winner is the one that makes him pass out in pain first ? “

I looked at them, I was trembling in fear! I know their reputations, one of them alone would be hell, two of them and my Master?  I would truly suffer more than ever in my life, and I feared it, and excitedly anticipated the experience, all at the same time!

Official or unofficial but I honestly however accept your offer to play with your game Lady Geraldine. Because I believe that you are talented at this type of experience with European games, however I think that my pony is afraid of losing to you and pissing me off badly. 

(Lady  Geraldine Vin Gossehoven) : FUCK JAWOHL, my dearest friend Thomas if your Pony Bitch lost, we discuss business activities about her later at the office or Tea rooms at club grounds Agreed? 

“Thats agreed!”

They all shook hands, and turned to look at me.

“Right then, lets go an play shall we” said Lady Geraldine. “Attach this chain to his bridle from my cart, we’ll make him trot the 7 kilometeres home first, take the wind out of him so he’s more compliant to us after”

She strode over to me in her fine boots, tapped his buttocks with her whip to make him stand straight, and smiled, placing her mouth to his ear and whispered;

“You will suffer, and I don't care if you live or die from it, you may never recover from it, you will however wish you had never beaten one of my ponies into 2nd place ever again. Your owner and trainer will suffer seeing you put through this too! This isn't going to be the game he expects, this is going to be me trying to destroy you slowly and painfully that he is going to watch, starting with your castration. When i'm finished he won’t want the broken and bloody mess that's left of you, and you will be mine”

II trembled, feeling cold at the horror of her cruel intentions. 

She fastened a large ball gag to my mouth “With this on, you can't warn him what’s about to happen too, can you my little soon to be gelding!”

She laughed then climbed into drivers seat of the large cart, and let my Master, Thomas and the others climb on to the rear facing seats. She whipped her two stallion ponies fiercely, who set off at a trot towards her home, the chain yanking  me so hard by his bridle that I nearly fell over trying to keep up. 

Well done Princess pony for keeping up with us and not felling over and bumping into Objects. Later  Lady  Geraldine Vin Gossehoven has kindly invited us to a few days holiday at her parents house somewhere in desert of Africa. So behaviour is going to your best My Princess pony because if it's not at a good level or higher than normal I take a break from you and rest of summer and winter treatment training will with Lady Geraldine Vin Gossehoven and is very dangerous but divine also very capable of destroying you for me in ways which you will probably hate. 

(Lady Geraldine Vin Gossehoven) : Thomas Trust me and believe that you will be very grateful and Thank me later,, after I have done the six months hard training with your Princess pony she is Disobedience or disrespectful to again I will Discipline her very with her Six months of tournament training for you. 

They arrived at Lady Geraldine’s large manor house, on a hillside outside of the main town.

She dismounted first from the carriage, followed by Lady Dianna, then Master Thomas.

Lady Geraldine clapped her hands, out came two large men, dressed in latex with bull masks looking as if they were Minotaurs. 

“These are my drones” she laughed “Castrated of course, Minds broken of all will somewhat cruelly, they are just like dumb livestock now and will take the ponies to the stables while we head to the dungeon”

Lady Geraldine grabbed Princess Pony’s reins and her and Lady Dianne led the way through the huge wooden door with Master Thomas following, passing through a long hallway to an iron double door. Lady Diane placed a key into the lock, and then pushed the door open,screeching on its iron hinges. They led them down some steps to the huge dungeon below, lit dimly by flickering flame torches.

Lady Geradine clapped her hands again, and two more bull drones appeared from the shadows.

“Hang this wretched beast from the chains” she barked, pointing to Princess Pony. “Then tie his Master to the wall, he is going to watch this.”

They obeyed, one chaining Princess Pony by his arms from a huge wooden frame, the other shackling Master Thomas to some large iron rings set into the walls. Lady Geraldine and Lady Diane whispered to each other, giggling as they did so.

“So Master Thomas, I’m afraid I lied to you earlier. Your pony beat mine today, I don't take kindly to defeat. Drones, fetch that dumb pony that lost the race to his, now!”

They left, and reappeared dragging a heavily chained but struggling pony. “Hang him to, next to that wretch” she ordered, pointing to Princess Pony. This beast is no longer worth my time or feed.

She walked to the wall, and took a huge bullwhip from a hanger there, felt it, caressed it and unfurled it. “Myself are Lady Diane are going to whip my pony, one at a time, 10 strokes each, till he’s dead, then after making Princess pony here also suffer I’m going to make you a proposal Master Thomas. 

There was a loud swish then crack, followed by a piercing scream as the first lash landed on the struggling pony, then another then another, blood splattering from the whip over Princess Pony who was hung alongside him, now shaking in fear. After ten lashes, Lady  Geraldine walked to her pony, looked coldly into its eyes and placed an ear to its nostrils.

“Still alive, continue Lady Diane, another 10”

The horror went on for what seemed like hours, the ponies skin torn completely from its back, thighs and chest, hanging there like a carcase of meat in a butcher's shop, bleeding and screaming. Eventually the pony fell silent, Lady Geraldine walked over to him, looked into his eyes once more and listened. The eyes were grey and glazed, and no sounds at all.


She clapped again for her drones. “Now untie him and feed him to my dogs, make sure ALL my ponies are there to watch so they learn what happens if they lose.”

They dragged the pony away, Lady Geraldine now walked over to Princess pony, followed by Lady Diane. She stroked the whip over his back, his chest, his balls, laughing as she did so

“So Master Thomas you've seen what happens to a pony that loses, do you think I should do the same to yours for beating him?”

“No Lady Geraldine, he doesn't deserve that.”

“I thought you'd say that she sneered, standing back and delivering a fierce lash with the whip to Princess Pony’s back!

Princess Pony jerked in agony, and Master Thomas lowered his head unable to watch.

She repeated it, another nine  times, leaving ten deep gashes in his back.

She turned,a nd walked over to Master Thomas.
“I’ll give you an option, call it an offer you can't refuse.  I am going for a few days holiday at my parents house in the desert of North Africa. You, and this ugly cunt of a pony will come with me. I am going to borrow him for a race there as I have just lost my best pony. He will win for me. If you refuse or he loses, he will get 100 lashes, I will burn his body with a blowtorch, then I will turn him into a gelding. He will then be MY racing pony. Do you agree to that Master Thomas ? 

Master Thomas nodded his head. “Yes Lady Geraldine, I can only agree”

Yes Lady  Geraldine Vin Gossehoven , you Germans have what I call a  Golden and traditional and old-fashioned way of delivering pain which I seem to find absolutely Outstanding and amazing in taste which amazed me in different ways of heart. Also Princess pony would agree with me has she has non say in any way possible in an matter. So we accept and we be honest to be your guests in your Lovely country House in the in the Desert of North Africa. 

“Good, then you will rest here for a day before we leave. Drones, take his pony to the stables, feed him, he will need all his strength for the desert race!”

[End of Ceremony 4]


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