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When you have people in your life whom take you for granted; it's draining. Your life source; energy and often leads to depression. when others take you for granted; they don't  mind riding you until they no longer can. When we go through in life; the struggles we face are hard enough. Carrying other people's baggage; demons is a load in it's own entirety.  When we pray in life but seems as if heavens closed. What do we do when God DOESN'T ANSWERS? Do we wait OR KEEP asking?  


We isolate ourselves from OTHERS AFTER disappointments and pain. I've heard pain changes a person. No, "LIFE" changes a person. We all go through challenges in life it's just how we handle them. Some can bounce back stronger, while others tend to fall deeper into manic depression. Which can literally lead to other illnesses.


Being in a state of depression often leads to fatigue. Muscle aches, headaches, stress and as for me; lack of sleep. For others they sleep their lives away. 

In dealing WITH Covid-19 I've seen more sleeping aid medication disappear from convenient stores now than I've seen in my entire life. 

In conclusion I'm still working out the middle. Believing God in the midst of a storm. I encourage you to do the same. He's the SAME YESTERDAY, today and forever more.


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