Lesbian Detectives Part 1 Read Count : 41

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
Once upon a time on a country farm (In Iceand somewhere)   unique day out for professional dommes training, a bit of equestrian style Serious Brat called Johanna or know to her to Dommes as Bitch J who was the price of Hard work to deal with her also was very unpleasant but Dommes trained her very well and molded her in a wild Serious Equestrian Style Obedient way to make her feel comfortable with her Dommes. One day the Dommes were training from 7:45 in the morning until lunch time I'm saying will wearing two unique Soldiers (Gothic Goddess Bhianca and Goddess Lynn) Latex Uniforms and both had high rankings one was a sergeant major and the other one was a lieutenant and all of a sudden Lieutenant Helen Taylor foulfour also known as the world's most Prettiest and most Colourful Strict Domme Bhianca from Cuba ask her Sergeant Emily metal carrefour also known as the world's most Prettiest and most popular and most Classic Domme Nurse Goddess Lynn 
from Finland to take a break from the Female Slave they had been training that day.


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