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    Introduction to the world came with twist and turns so few times did I notice when I was burned .
    I buried my sins under my skin so I could bland in with my testimony's that I shouldn't be anything more than a normal soul that is no different from those that scolded.
    I would like to say that I always ment to be who I seem . It's not true I'm always confused, I brake apart if judgements feel to harsh.
   I went blind then deaf to any other options, until my breath was the only one left. I criticized those who didn't hide their sins.
   I pass on what I was tought by calling out what I thought was so very different from I. 
   I learned to let that go , my faults are my own.
 I lost to many soul's, may they always know l love them so it broke me apart to loose so many hearts.
     My life turned to art when I tried to tie my broken pieces that fell beneath me.
     Though I may look like a Monet , I still find a way to find beauty within.
     I don't want to my sins inside my mind.
I was deceive by my own lies. I made my own life put my past in a frame and added my name then placed it on wall, it's alright when it fall it's better than no picture at all.


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