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I love you”, what does that mean and why do we say it? When you tell someone you knew for a while that you love them, do you mean it or are you just saying it because you feel as though that your time with them has been long enough to the point it’s okay to say it? Is love real? Could it just be our own manifestation of the thought of loving them, forcing ourselves to believe that we love them, to say I love you because we think it seems right? Putting our heart before our heads just so it can feel better, to be blinded from the truth. Do people even know what love is? The words “I love you” get thrown around so much like it is meaningless. You’re with one person at a certain time, “I love you, we’re forever”, but then you break up abs on to the next with those same words. Then that ends and so on and so forth. How can you “Love” all those individuals or claim you do without knowing you meant it or understanding how heavy those words are. Love is so much deeper than a 5 month relationship, or even a year. Love is the soul connection between two or more people. The bond, wanting every part of the other person for their good and bad sides. Wanting to take on the others personal pain, so that they don’t have to struggle alone. Going out of your way for that other person, without wanting personal gain from it. Fighting to be with that person no matter what, to want to share everything with them and except them for who they are, bad days and all. For staying even when those arguments get really bad, to want to Fix those problems you guys have argued about, to not give up because it’s just easier. Don’t let all this fake love cloud your mind from what real love is, it’ll only bring you failed relationships and heartbreak.


  • Aug 22, 2021

  • Jan 02, 2022

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