She's Not Better Than I Read Count : 73

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Hellow darling, tell me how are you today?

How do you feel in her arms? ¿Are you happy with here with her ? 

I'm glad this happened, bet you never told her of the love that we gave each other,

Bet she didn't even notice that I was there once too.

 I wanted to see you with her to be able to understand the reasons of your lies and the reason for my failure for the reason why you did this?

Today I can go peacefully because she's 

 not better than me, maybe a little younger with more dreams and less wounds to heal but not better than me.

No, that means nothing. Remember that I gave you that and more and as time passes by everything gets old, I can go calmly because although she has youth and no scars she still not better than I.


  • Nov 26, 2021

  • Nov 26, 2021

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