The Daisy-massacre Read Count : 39

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Sub Category : Rock
I ate little daisy
a yellow-faced girl with white hair
she goes down down down my throat
before that, my teeth bashed her head in
her soft skull cracked and i tasted green blood
blood, that tasted like some salad in my food

yeah, i killed her, so i'd stay healthy
health, the justification to murder what's innocent
yeah, i killed her to educate myself
what do primitive people eat?
curiousity, the free-ticket to murder all new and unkown things

I kissed a little daisy
but oops, my cracked and dry lips swallowed her crown whole
two walls, pressing against each other
why can't i try harrassment on flower-chicks out, too?
I'm sitting and walking and the kids, they are playing
on a headless-meadow, a cemetery-playground
corpse-place, mutilation, and they don't recognize it one single bit

yeah, i kissed her, so it wouldn't be my first time anymore
the kiss, the permission to suck the head from the neck away
yeah, i kissed her, to have something else in my mouth than nourishment
what does fullfillment taste like?
emptiness, the ''fine-sign'' to death-kiss something that can't decide anything for itself.

Or did i give little daisy oral sex?
but all the wetness was my own spit or the raindrops, comin from the clouds above in the sky
Cunt-head, but there are no holes for me to penetrate
lemoned Vagina, powder-pub hair
all her twin sisters are perfectly abuseable
with their breakable sticks and leaf-hands, built from cartoonic puke

yeah, i licked her, so a thing could finally be mine
my tongue, an excuse, to do what i do to her
yeah, i licked her, and now she is marked
wanna know what i decide next for you?
morning dew lets it all seem so natural


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