The Blood BattlešŸ„€ Read Count : 52

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I'm just tired of people saying
They know what I could be
Push myself and keep praying
After 15yrs you still don't feel ME

Been fighting from the womb
Momma didn't know I was coming
Devil tried to make it my tomb 
But God already made the summon

You see I was born great
And Never man made
To my struggles you can't relate
That's why I'm enslaved

To repeated history
Or broken reality
Saying we can't all get the victory 
Seems like a lie to me

This battle is not yours sis
Neither is IT MINE
That's why we hit in amidst 
It was predestined before time

What you saying doesn't matters
God has the final say
Watching your plans shatter
Angel's driving YOU out my way

Saying don't worry
Is an understatement 
I'm busy and in a hurry
At THIS LIFE I'm taking 

One day at a time
Praying and watching
Just know this life is mine
And with God there's no stopping 

I'm always covered
Holding up the blood stain
No matter what you heard
Jesus knows my name


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