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Five hours after I had Princess Pony tied up with the ropes to leather pommel horse, with  cuffs legs wide apart I felt it was time to leave her alone in a cold and wet basement with no clothes for a few days until the big day arrived for us. Which was an annual village race in a local area within the BDSM  village community run by a local business woman and of course professional Domme Where by Mistresses and professionals would be able to take their ponies to train them, to race them against all different Professional Dommes and Mistresses. At the local event there was a little area ground play area, unemploy or Unexperienced ladies who had never heard or seen the BDSM scenes could speak privately speak to Mayor of the 

Mayor of the community. 

Master Thomas :A few years before meeting me, Princess had dreamt of going to this place and had begged to go and I repeat again and again no matter what you think or say I own your body bitch boy. Because I really don't trust you or think you are very well trained in Outside European Equestrian style Racing with people who are very familiar with game and professionally experienced 

Princess Pony Answered :

I shivered!  Racked with pain from cramp. Alone, in the dark, naked, bound to the pommel horse for what felt like an eternity. I could hear the faint sound of air moving, the dripping water from the damp walls, the ropes creaking and chains rattling as I shivered, and my own heart beating. My whip lashes stung so much they felt like burning ropes were wrapped around me. All I wanted was to hear my Master's voice, and to fall at his knees and kiss his boots.

Eventually the Master returned to release me from my bondage, but not from isolation. He locked me in, still naked, still in the dark.The worst thing about dark isolation is you don't know where a day ends or begins, it all melts into endless mental suffering.

Master did return, carrying a beautiful show bridle, harness and saddle. Finely stitched crafter leather, in the best Spanish style with a sheepskin noseband and ornate silver bit. The leather was embossed with a crest, the same one on the Master brand. A red feather plume sprouted from the top of the bridle. I wanted to wear it, I would look so pretty!

Master tied my leash to the wall rings, hosed me down with cold water, then dried me. He put the tack on me, adjusting it carefully and stroking my body as he did so. Finally he tied several pink ribbons onto me, several on my tail and one around my cock, and tied a pair of tiny jingly bells to my balls.

"This is your show tack pony! You will cherish it, be proud of it, as I am taking you to the annual races!"

Master went on to describe them, how all the Masters and Mistresses took their slaves and ponies there, to show them for prizes for the most beautiful, the most obedient, and the fastest in a race. He smirked as he described how they were beaten and whipped publicly if they failed to win or please their owner, and how some would be handed to the head Domme of the town if they were disobedient, to be tortured by her for days then returned to their owner, broken and in agony, happy to please them just to avoid such pain again!

"Are you going to obey me, pony, and ME ALONE?"

I stomped once for yes.

"Are you going to make me proud of owning you, pony?"

I stomped yes again.

"I am going to enter you in the show class for sissy ponies, the over back saddle race, and you had better win them both bitch!"

He led me out into the yard, the bells on my balls ringing as I  stepped, ready to place me in a horse trailer and drive me to the show.

"Beware Pony, Spies have been out already eying up what I’m bringing to the show this year, and the head family of Dommes in the town have eyed you up, and want you. The last thing you want is me to lose you in a wager to them because you lost your show classes or races. They are particularly vicious and evil, and will castrate you, maybe even amputate your arms so you can pull their carriage and whip your back raw every day. You don't want that, do you?

I nodded, vehemently, as he fastened the trailer ramp and doors ready to take me.

"And besides, I will delight in beating you myself in front of the whole town and fucking your ass with a thick tree branch until you scream if you dissappoint me pony"


Master arrived at the show, held in an open area just outside the town square. He undid the bolts securing the horse trailer and led me down the ramp by my new bridle, polished to a shine, as was my latex suit.

I looked around in awe! Ao many ponies ! Mares and Stallions. Some in teams of two or four. All adorned by plumes, bells, ornate bridles and leatherwork, all held by magnificently dressed Mistresses or Masters with their slaves, kneeling at their heels.

Two particularly ponies caught my eye, two males, a pair team pulling a carriage, their reins held by a Domme dressed in a Victorian black riding habit. They had thick bulges where their cocks were under their latex. They had prominent breasts too, but no signs of any balls, or arms ! Their eyes were wide under their masks, showing fear and pain.

“Ahh you like Mistress Diana’s pair do you ?” Master laughed. “They win the carriage pair race every year, or else they would be tied to a spit and roasted alive like her last pair that lost. Oh, you could hear them screaming from two miles away! Mistress Diana is very “severe”. She is the one that was eyeing you up Princess Pony! See how they have no balls? She castrates them by tying them astride an anvil and smashing them to a pulp with her boots. Then she feeds them hormones to develop those breasts you see. She keeps their cocks hard and in pain within spiked cages, constantly, with an electro shock butt plug tail. And, to pull her carriage better, she amputates their arms!

Master looked at me, and smiled.” So, are you glad that I own you, Princess Pony?”

I nodded my head to him, with certainty, and pride.

“Then win today for me!”


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