Ghostly Light Read Count : 42

Category : Poems

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A light in the darkness.
Does it truly exist?
It comes in and out,
Like a light switch,
Back and forth with the on and off. 
It's like a ghost
Blinking in and out of existence.
I try to believe it's there,
Then part of me doesn't seem to care,
Like a slow paced nightmare
That doesn't seem to scare. 
It has to be there,
Just like this darkness and it's fear. 
Some days grew longer than others,
Barely sleeping really does it's numbers.
The mind, body, and soul
Lost in the sways of hope and self-hate. 
They pull and they claw,
Is there truly any hope,
Left for one who can only seem to cope?


  • Aug 20, 2021

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