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There lived a young man called Henry. He is an orphan but lived with his father and stepmom.Henry was never happy since the death of his mom and his step mom mistreated him in all ways. He lived a lonely life though he had friends around the village.

Henry always had that hope that one day all this suffering will pass away. His father could not even take care of him anymore since he never wanted to spend much on him.His step mom also the same case.She does not take care of him. He as a young,strong and courageous young man, he could go out, do some work out there and get something to eat at least.

This really happened for some good years as Henry is growing up as well. His dad developed blood pressure. This could get worse when he gets angry anytime.His father being a tough man, anger never left his face to an extent that the form of the face started changing.

Henry's dad was quite a rich man so this case of blood pressure could take alot of his money and this could actually reduce on his income. Henry's step mom saw this as an advantage to take away Henry's dad so that she could remain with the riches.

One unfortunate day, she got the man angry so so angry. Because the man loved her, he decided not to do anything or speak anything and decided to keep it inside his heart. The blood pressure increased and in bad luck, the man died of blood pressure.

Henry could no believe what happened.Eventhough his dad was not good to him but the news of his death made him feel worse than that pain he went through.
He had to stay with his stepmom because there is no other option other than that.

As the sufferings went on, one day he got a letter. He was confused as from who the letter came from. The letter reads, "Hello Henry. I know you might have forgotten me because of what you have been through.I am also sorry for the loss of your dad recently.But all in all I hope you are fine.I will be glad to receive your reply.By Betty."

Henry could not believe that. He was surprised that Betty still remembers her up to now. Betty was Henry's village mate. They were richer than Henry's family. With all the pain Henry has gone through, he thought that both of them can not continue in a relationship.

Time went on till Betty's parents were to send Betty abroad for her studies. Betty felt so bad to leave Henry but as for Henry, he had no problem since he is used with lonely life. Betty then went to England and they spent 5 years not getting into contact.

So, Henry had a smile at least for the first time. He replied to her and they continued talking.As they went on talking,Henry felt that Betty still loved him so he had to wait still before making any decisions.But Henry so that is hope was taking him somewhere ahead so he could even smile sometimes without any reason.

Holiday season came. Betty proposed that she had to come back to the village for her holidays. She told Henry about it. Henry was happy at least to see her again after a very long period of time. She wrote in the letter and said, " I am coming there but trust me I have a surprise for you." Henry smiled a little but was eager to know what the surprise was.

The month came for the holidays and Betty was already in the village. She never told Henry if she is back. So she prepared for a surprised visit. Henry could not believe his eyes to see such a pretty lady. It was Betty. She had a body envelope on her hand.

Henry welcomed her but he could not get his eyes off the envelope. He maybe thought it was money. But no it was not. He welcomed her with a drink a talked a little. Henry then asked, " What is that in the envelope?" Betty replied, "Remember I told you I will have a surprise for you. So its here." 

Henry had a smile on the face. Then Betty gave him the envelope. As he opened he thought he could find money but no. He saw some documents inside. As he read the documents, he found out that I was a document and his passport inside. Satisfying is journey to England.

Henry was speechless and started crying immediately because his hope never faded and took him to the level he never expected.He appreciated Betty for that and Betty did that so that she could get Henry closer to her. It seemed to be a night mare but it was not.

Henry decided to go with Betty back to England to stay there. Then he always remembered that he had hope and that hope never faded and brought happiness to him.
Later on, he went to college and after finishing, he got married to Betty and continued to live happily.


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