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Diagnose since I was born 
had been born in Seattle 
lived in a small apartment, 
at the age of three 
I have lived in China 
came down with pneumonia 
sent me to the hospital
fly back to my hometown in Washington, 
had been two special educations 
that near where I lived at the University of Washington. 
Went to many Christian churches 
I was Christian 25 years ago 
started my new life 
after moving to Kirkland
had enrolled in elementary school 
quickly I had many friends 
my relationship with friendship 
wasn’t that great,
hard to communicate with them 
went to a new school near 
where I lived, 
my first day at Rose Hill Junior High School 
I was pretty lonely without any friends 
in the beginning. 
Only had to hire a tutor for me, 
she thought they were my friends 
in reality, they weren’t my friend 
didn’t have any friends at that school, 
the principal saw my hospital birth record. 
I wasn’t normal like other students 
my academic studies are falling behind 
enroll into another school 
that accept my diagnosis history 
welcome me 
every teacher and every classmate 
were so kind to me 
this school was just like my home 
prepare to have a neck surgery 
didn't know they sent me balloons and cards, 
hope I can get better soon 
with their love for me and god’s love 
help me to recover from my surgery 
moved to Mercer Island 
my first time at high school 
had many friends, 
everything went well 
feel everything around me 
everything becomes too much for me, 
it overwhelms me so much 
lose control of what I was doing 
didn't know what I was saying,
it made the matter the worst 
nobody helps me calm down 
life wasn’t easy for me 
hard for me to function similar to other students 
after graduated from high school 
went on a trip to China 
came back to Washington 
I had my back surgery, 
my family take care of me 
their love and god’s love 
help me to get better 
I had learned a lot from this 
special program 
I started Bellevue College 
in the winter quarter of 2018 
had four-course classes, 
the fall quarter started 
met my favorite Christian group 
they were so kind to me 
had hung out with them 
many times 
finally, I had two real friends 
at the beginning 
of my college year, 
one of them was so 
kind and soft-hearted 
being a very polite gentleman 
always a very funny person 
whatever I was sensitive 
he’s the one who cheers me up 
it made me feel I finally 
have found someone who is 
just like me, 
felt loved by him and comfortable around him
wish I have that come back to me again. 


  • its amazing

    Aug 20, 2021

  • Aug 20, 2021

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