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I refuse to stay in pain
And hurting 24/7
What you did was lame
But let's talk about heaven

Know that God has raised me up
Yet you still pursued 
So much VENGEANCE in my cup
Got me singing the blues

Fighting the turn up is real
They trying to cast me down
Devil  just know I can't deal
I'm keeping my feet on solid ground
Growing up in this red clay
Churching every other day
Somehow I strayed away
While listening to what the preacher say

Repent and forgive
Father is that for real
Like everybody else I'm trying to live
While climbing up life's hill

Enduring the process
On life's journey
As I remain depressed
So many want to burn me

I'm just looking for redemption 
Searching scripture everyday
Lord hear my petition 
As I kneel down and pray

Dear Lord heal me
As my enemies did a CURSE
Waiting for you to fill me
And cast it in reverse

May the grave they dug
They lie in it as well
May they be devoured by bugs
While being dragged to hell 


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