Keep Walking🥀 Read Count : 77

Category : Poems

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This is my life I'm living
I don't need your added stress
Everyday that's been given
You come with your mess

You're trifling as hell
But please make no mistake
I still wish YOU well
Because my love isn't fake

But unlike you
Trying to make me stay
All the shit you do
I've been walked away

I refuse to be disrespected 
Or remain your crutch
So I'll stay disconnected 
I love ME to much

I've never been first
Every other bitch you put before me
I just didn't have the thirst
Better YET MY soul is still free

From the heartache and pain
You bought to my door
Nigga you must be insane
Thinking I'd go with the flow

I need you to stop stalking
I'm not taking applications
Baby please keep walking
I have my own confirmations


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