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Clouds it's sky fills the grounds greenery with it's water wet love so the uprising under roots in twins could drink up sky pouring sweet blue pleasent treet.
Days sunshine in orange kisses everything's it's touch with it's beautiful pleasent touch.
A smile from once own to the sky's pride proud heads up to look into windings separated clouds blue moving.
A beautiful glance from once eyeing eyes look up on ups sky's blinking brights stars how wonderful it's winking.
The moving living things under above sway to there each different knowing known to release the Earth's beauty with it's wonder doing scavenging scaved upon living it's covered lovely all.
A kiss for every wonderful wonders day with it's breathing fresh gasp of beautiful air to realize it's know in toned great spot on rythims swaying growth it's in every touch to touched in it's beautiful life's every touch..... 


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