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stabbed, robbed and shot at
fortunately, for us both, I never shot back
and shooting first can be worse
because when it's not a blessing,
it's a curse
and what's worse?
we're on the same team
going through the same thing
Wu taught us C.R.E.A.M.
Wayne showed us bling
Martin had a dream
but you know what people find captivating?
other people's lives on the TV screen
what's not to understand about tele vision programming?
I like the kind of stories where the heroes die
but watching people fail doesn't catch my eye
and the pies big enough for you to get your own slice
so I can help you get yours
and you can help me get mine
but you know what I find?
jealousy, envy and greed
in the back of people's minds
and that's what happens not reading between the lines
of the things that's said by people running our lives
they put us in a box and say that we're free
and that's what we believe because that's what we see
and most are okay to just let that be
but I got seeds and if I do nothing
they'll have it worse than me
and I'll die on my feet
for this that I believe
and I'm tired of my people dying
and who are they?
everyone that's trying
struggling and crying
standing and fighting
in the dark and need lighting
going through hell and surviving
it's just my thing
my beliefs, my thoughts
been that way since before the 10' and the aughts
and now it's the 20's and theres battles to be fought
and lessons to be taught
and love to be sought
and you can think it is
or you can think it's not
I just want the violence to stop
i just want to twist up the plot
so I can shoot my next shot
shoot my next shot?
what's my next shot?


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