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Going by the crook's advice 
Invested old man money wise 
       * * * 
Old man invested money to earn commission 
Crook handed over a card to use with duly permission 
       * * * 
Crook recommended him for bank loan 
Old man got money with crook's phone 
       * * * 
It was his investment on, online platform 
Cyber crook made to dupe man quick plan 
        * * * 
Suspect advised to accomplish orders 
Generated in system, you gain commission 
      * * * 
Old man transferred Rupees 200 online 
Got commission 68 without sign 
     * * * 
Suspect received details of account there 
Old man invested Rupees 400, as a fanfare 
     * * *  
Commission of 200 to make in share 
Suspect teaches scheme with care 
     * * * 
Glib talker delivers dialogue with silver tongue 
Old man invests money without junk 
      * * * 
 Investment balloon is filled with loan money 
 Exhausted savings to complete the task, not funny 
       * * *  
 Siphoned the money, crook as puck in pocket 
 Old man took loan to get commission, sold locket 
       * * * 
 Suspect demands money to grab massive commission 
 Penurious old man with meagre fund has no permission 
       * * *  
 On online platform, old man invested Rupees 5 Lacs 
 Got meagre commission without jack n pack 
        * * *  
 Realized penurious status, old man got mad 
 Gloomy old man signed guarantor to goon ahead 
       * * * 
 Void agreement to be testified in due course 
 Complainant ashamed, avarice prevents him not to force. 
        * * * 
 Kamal Kishore Sharma [15/8/2021] 
 Note: This poem is written on an old man who lost money in a financial scheme and fraudsters duped his huge amounts in Lacs of Rupees. 
Themes - old man, greed of old man, hackers, financial scheme, fraudsters, banking and finance company [chit fund] 
Category - Poem and satire 
Devices - Couplets, Free verse, Alliteration, Repetition of words - old man, money, commission and crook 
Source - A report of The Times of India [App]  


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