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Chapter one 

In a castle where a princess leaning against the window to watch for her friends. A lion cub sneak through the bars went up to her to play. The lion cub love being with her she was so nice but recently she been sad. The lion wishes he knew what was so he could help was her auntie the Queen or the inadvicer to the queen.
Then before I could cheer her up there was footsteps on the stairs to her room.

The princess picked me up and put me under her bed. Then door it was the maids they shook there inpresume with her not getting ready for the meeting. I didn't know what the meeting was for but the auntie looked happy about it. That means nothing good, when she got dressed in the gown the lion hide under it. The princess went the stairs followed by the maids then we reached the big room in Castle. There a young man, the Queen and the inadvicer all around a table.

The Queen and the young man the talking the most all the princess. Did was just eat then the man put his hand on her she really didn't want to be here. He spoke to her but she didn't want to hear it. Then out of no where he pull her towards her. She try to get away but then he crush her hand really hard while made it bleed.
The lion cub had enough he jumped up at him and try to scratch at him away. It worked he had let go of her, but then he hit the cub with the shift of his sword. The princess try to come over to me but the queen and the maids took her away.

Cub felt a unfriendly hand picked him up it was the man who gave the cub, to the grand who took the lion down to the kitchens.

The next day the loin wake up next to his dad tide up to the post the try to get free he had to help the princess. His look at him and knew his son wanted to be with her he bit the rode off the lion cub. Thanked his by giving him a lick and ran off the cub saw her been dragged to a boat. He ran from her making not get count by going a miad gown who holding the princess things. When they on the boat the cub behind a barrel the princess however was pushed into a room and locked in.

When the Queen and the maids finally the cub scratch the door, but she didn't answer he try to jump up at the, door but couldn't reach.
Then someone from behind the cub spoke " little one needs some help".

The lion cub unstood him the cub turn around and walk over to him. It was a old man he war a odd hat and long coak. He asked the cub again if needed help the cub nodded the looked at the door.

Then the old man said " I can help but you must understand I can turn you in a human but do anything that is like a cat you turn back into a lion". The lion cub nodded then the old man pull up his sleeve and began the spell.

Chapter two 

Before he knew it he was human the wizard smile and, said "your clothes and sword I added myself so what is your name". "Leo it the lion in the stars"said the cub. "Now if you show anything like a loin then you well turn back to a loin cub, but don't worry you should turn back to human if you just think what it is" the wizard told him.

Leo pull out his sword and cut the wood door in half and ran around corner. Leo meow and turned into a cub then when the princess heard me. She ran after him she come face to face with him.

He meow at her to follow him to the deck of the boat to get one of the small boats. When they got to the deck the princess got on a  life boat but before Leo could get on the grands come up. He thought of be human then he attacked with his sword and pushed the boat to sea.

Then she started rowing called out to Leo to follow. Leo waited until she was out of the boat reach then run and jumped on the boat.

She didn't ask any questions leo help her with the rowing. When they reach land the Queen was send a message bird from the  boat.  saying the princess escaped "we have to stay off the roads if you want to be free".

The Queen got the letters afternoon she read it once and tair it up. Then she got up and yell " FIND HER" the invisor told it mind be a good idea to find a replacement princess that would do duty.

The queen told him she well agree to the condition if they couldn't find her in a week. That the Prince from the neighbouring countries will marrying their replacement.

Meanwhile Leo and the princess had been walk for ages finally they find a town they trade her clothes for regular clothes. Leo wait outside then he realised he hadn't asked her " mmm I never catch your name" he said nervously. "Oh Michelle so how do I look" the princess she was wearing a dress with a kimonos and her hair in a bun "beautiful" said Leo.

"Thank you" she said "their a Festival to night why don't you two go" said the shopkeeper. "Please I've never done anything and I doubt the queen men will think am there" said Michelle. "Ok but don't do anything to stand out" I told her nervously (man this isn't easy) I thought.

Meanwhile back with the queen she was brought in from of her five blonde girls. "Too tall , her eyes is a different colour, this one has a mole on her chin and you are perfect". Pointing at the fifth girl "ok I sent her there with in the week" said the invier. "The others I am sorry you don't fit the bill"said the queen.

Chapter Three 
A New Start 

After we trade Michelle old clothes the shop keeper and then we went to the festival. Michelle was intrigued she had never been able to anything in fact she had never been outside the castle wall before. I gave a big signed and ask if wanted to buy something their. She looked at me like a little kid who wanted to play. I gave in and brought a mask so just incase anyone recommend her.

Then we went to get her hair cut because she wanted to try a new look and it helped us stay away from the queen. Then she focused me to get a kimono I told I was alreally wearing a sort of kimono, but she wasn't going to hear it. So we went to the store where men kimono she picked out a blue waves kimono. Then we try out the fish catch surprisingly Michelle caught one. Then we got coconuts to drink, a jam dount and peace of cooked meat on a stick.

Then I over to see the  fire and maiden of the day to sing. Then I heard one of the towns fock talk about a house in the wood he really wanted to get rid of. It once  belong to a old woman who made medic but she die. People say she can see fairy and other fairy tales creatures.

But he thought just the old woman mind  but it was a old and magical wood because he could never find the house when he wants it to begin with. But when needed it appears to get rid of it dissappear it was like it had a mind of it's own. Leo asked how much was the house the town folk was just happy to be done with it for every he was happy of whatever he got.

So the next day we went to see the house it was if it was waiting for us to come. It was small looking but inside was a lounge with a sofa a dinner table with four chairs around it. A fireplace and  candle light.

Then there was a kitchen downstairs with two bedrooms and alchemy room. It was so big then he thought  Michelle looked like she was in loved it she wanted to try everything. But she never cooked or made medicine but she wanted to try. "So what do  you think a great place to try  your new beginning" he asked.

"Yes but I don't know where to begin I want to try everything". "Yell just so you know am not your Guinea pig" I  told her. She laughed "don't worry I'll test it on insects first if that is a good idea or l could ask the fairies for help". "Well hopefully they find us soon but in the meantime I go into town to get a job" I told. So I walked back to town luckily their was a job to get rid of some boars "well it's a start".

Chapter four 

The fairy queen and the wedding 

A mouth went by and the Queen men still couldn't find the princess. So they had no choice but to find a replacement so every blonde girl came to the place to find the perfect bride. The queen how every wasn't happy they couldn't find her. 

So after they picked a merchants daughter lucky she had no family. So it would be easier for her to go. After which the queen went to find the princess herself. 

Meanwhile Michelle was trying out everything cooking, alchemy, hunting and chopping up wood. But some how she failed at everything, no matter how much Leo try to help. Leo was stuck doing everything but it wouldn't stop her for trying. Until one day she was crying a lot Leo try to cheer her up but nothing work. She just thought she was useless then a small explosion happen in the house. We ran inside to find a small fairy Leo bend down to pick her up. 

As it turns out she was the Queen of the fairys here and they were complaining about the Michelle attempts. That queen has decided to help, but how ask Leo well queen explain that she was a lucky fairy. So she can bless her with luck and hopefully that will work. Leo didn't what less to do so he agreed. 

Meanwhile the disguise princess got to Michelle arranged marriage. The prince didn't suspect a thing because she looked just like Michelle.

 The prince agreed to unify the countries on one condition that she gave him a son. So that Shotley after the wedding he preceded to have he way with her. She did not resist because she knew her life be better if she just gave birth to a son.

 Nine months past and yet the Queen still couldn't find the princess, stared to think she was protected by some kind of magic. Because who every she asks since of forget went away or completely ignore her, even when she killed someone right in front of them. 

So she return to place to ask if she fake princess has gave birth a son and to use dark magic to find Michelle. Luckily she did gave birth to a son the princess and Prince were over joy that had a party. Meanwhile there was a party going on at the woods to celebrate Michael success at everything. 

Leo had thought long and hard about telling her the truth and he love her. But he was a loin how he the fairy queen notice him and went over to him. She listened to his story then after told why about do he be surprised with her answer.

 Stunted he went to tell but before he opened his mouth she stopped him and told him that she always knew. She meant who else would help out of blue like he did and she too had felt the same way. She didn't care that he was a loin she just wanted to be with him for every.

Chapter Five 

Dark Spell 

The Queen return to the castle her inviter, didn't like that she still wanting to look for Michelle. He try to stop her but it wasn't worth it anymore. She was just obsessed and so she use dark magic to find them as her last resort . Because it was a great cost to her life but now she probably was to far gone.

Meanwhile at the cottage Leo was chopped up wood he didn't look up until the fairy queen came to see him. She told him how  happy he was for him then just after he blush a hand came out nowhere. It try to grab something but there was nothing there.

Then the hand was gone Leo change into his loin form then run into the house. The hand returned it was trying to find Michelle she was on the stairs she didn't say anything just looking at the hand. It was gone again Michelle took her chance and ran to Leo. The hand come back this time it was in font of Leo. Leo bit the hand but why did he get the feel that what the queen wanted.

Both Michelle and fairy queen hold on to Leo trying to pull the hand out. Then a second hand came out of the hole. The hand try to get off  Leo mouth off her  hand but he hold on tight. The second hand gave up and instead went for Michelle but since it couldn't see her so  what you do now. Instead of her hand getting Michelle it got the fairy queen instead.

Even know the hand realise it had the wrong person it still squeeze tight around the tiny body. Leo try to stop her by making his teeth go in deep. But just then there's was a limp body the fairy queen was dead. Michelle let go of Leo and pick up the faiy queen as the hand let her go, then Leo let go of the hand. The hole got big as if the hands had absorbed the magic in the fairy queen.

Leo and Michelle ran outside of the house and then a huge half snake half women appeared. Michelle step mother had changed in a huge serpent. "I found you" she said in snake voice.

"But why can't you just let me be free am not going to do anything" she  told her. "Because am jealous alright you may of never let the castle everyone only asked about you no matter what I did" said the queen in anger. "But that not fair" said Michelle she put the fairy  down next to a tree. "Leo please be careful I don't want to lose you" she said with hit be fear in her voice.

Me and her started to circle each other Michelle hid behind a tree. Then Leo jumped to attack her stomach but  Leo scratched her tail instead she try to do the same thing but miss.

Chapter six 


Michelle saw  the fairy queen roots starting to around her block her from from view. Leo started circling the snake queen again. Then the step mother attack with her tail but  miss. She try to claw at him but he pulled on her tail she missed Leo took the opportunity to attack her stomach but she dodge and she clawed at him again. But he jumped out of the way just in the nick of time.

She try to go for Michelle instead but Leo lunged at her and roots started around Michelle too. She couldn't get to her so she went for Leo again but she missed she was getting angry. Leo took his chances and went for het neck he had done it. The snake queen had down Leo made his way to Michelle but out of nowhere the Queen went for him. "LEO" yelled Michelle the snake queen laughed and died.

Leo was bleeding out heavily Michelle ran over to him "no no please don't leave me alone I do anything" said Michelle. "Anything really there is a way to save him but you must pay the price" said a voice. She turn to see the wizard who just  appeared. Michelle said "didn't you ear me I do anything".

"Very well" he said and with swift of hand Michelle turned into a lioness and Leo wound was healed. Leo wake up and saw a lioness where Michelle was "Michelle is that you" he asked "Yes" she said lunged herself at  him.

We turned around the house turned in a cave "Well looked like we have a home"said Leo as we walked inside Michelle looked around both the fairy queen and the wizard was gone . "Thank you" she said to the wood then she followed.

The country did not go down hill just because they lost their queen. After  two weeks with nothing they decided to appoint her inviter the king. He didn't see the point to inform the prince about his wife and son.

Meanwhile the forest keepet Leo and Michelle hidden it was the fairy queen last wish to the wood. As long as they stay in the forest no one will know.

"Zeus where did you go" said Michelle  as a loin cub ran behind a tree. He was laughing but his tail was showing then Michelle saw she smiled. "Am going to find you you little rascal"  she said as she turn around a corner Zeus come out from the tree but then he was picked up.

"Dad let go I was only playing" he said trying to get lose. But Leo dropped him "said the one trying to get out of a wash" said Leo Zeus try to make a run for it but his sister Zarina "hey l had to put up with it so now it's your turn" she said.

Then Zeus was picked up again by Michelle who put  him down on a rock to clean him. (So if we stand in the woods we safe and we live happily after) thought Michelle as looked up at the sun.


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