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Chapter one 
A new beginning 

My pack mum and dad were leader of the pack, then the three hunters and three that watched over the den and cubs. When my mum around it was the best feeling in the world to be with them. But it wasn't to last my mum was killed try to protect me from a monster I think can't remember.

I was now two years old  but I was treated like a freak because, I can see a water dragon name ocean but on one else's could see her.

One day i was crying in the lake the lake near the den ocean suddenly splash water. I looked at her angrily, she was laughing so I splash her too. Then the hunters of the pack returned from there hut. The youngest of them the bully me then the others join in. All because they thought I had a imagine friend.

Ocean got really mad that she shouted a them suddenly all three got scared looking where the voice was. I turn to look at her thinking they could see her but she had made a huge wave behind me. It went down on them then they all yell ghost and run off.

I told her what's been a happen at the den about the bullying and how dad disappointed at me. Ocean then said"then let's make are own pack that can see me, so that way you wouldn't be alone". I looked at her she was right if I can't do anything here then I just go.

I didn't know how long we travelled but as long as we were away from father pack it was fine. It started to rain we run into a cave to take shelter. The rain went down bad then out of nowhere a white deer walk up towards me he looked badly hurt. I let him in but he shook his head and rip off the necklace around his neck.

Then put it around my neck it suddenly felt like a cold went through me. Then I started to feel sleepy all I could sleep was Ocean try to wake me up.

Meanwhile back at father den the hunter's told my father what happened. He looked angry but he wasn't angry at them nor me but himself. For not see it that I have been catch by a spirit because of what happened to my mother. 

Of course why didn't he see it he pushed me away when he should of listened. He told two of the hunters wolf to stay behind and look after the rest of the pack. After all the watches had there own cubs to look after.

Meanwhile at the cave ocean was waking up and a minute later I did too. I looked out to the forest. I could see a black deer suddenly something that the white raindeer said came back to me beware of the dark one of us. I turn around and jump up to get to the top of the cave roof. Ocean follow me she didn't know why I was run so she looked behind her.

She didn't see it but she did see a dark mist coming for us. We continue to run united came to a river ocean looked around for away to cross final she found some rocks across the river. Ocean show me I started to jump to each rock.

But I lost my balance and almost fallen in. I was now holding on to the rock but the current was too strong. Ocean trying to help but before she could something grabbed me from my neck. I was picked up out the river it was dad he keeped on running with me in his mouth.

He finally dropped me when we got to a raddit hole he told me to run I did as I was told and ran with ocean behind me. Finally we got to the end of the raddit tunnel then I come face to face with a fox cub, "mmm hi what your name I ask"."Frairo you" said the fox "Star" I said "hi star and who that dragon behind"ask frairo.

Chapter two 
The white deer 

"Wait you can see her" I asked frairo nodded. I told him about ocean and why I was shocked to see he could see her. I then felt hungry frairo laugh and run ahead of me then I realised he want to me to follow. With in few minutes we spotted a snake been holding by a eagle.

Ready to kill his prayer we nodded at each other and attack. The eagle was taken by surprised and was killed. snake was shocked she didn't understand why she was saved by cubs. Not bothering asking why or thanking us and slithered  away.

When we finish are meal we went to find shelter for the night. We found a den where a old bear was well dieing the bear didn't mind us being there. All he asked was to listen to his story which We did.

"Once there were humans lived here and everywhere, but one day mother nature took them away. All that was left was the buildings and five jewel that there emotion. It is said if you find all five you can have one wish. The stone of wisdom can be attached by accepting one another. The stone of courage where you or someone else must show great bravely or self-sacrifice.

Then theirs the stone of aloneness where see though someone else or yourself what been aloneness is. Then their the very last one or at least we thought which the stone love. Which comes to your love to someone. But on one knew about the stone of darkness. Which no one knows how to attach".

We sleep to what seemed like hours then frairo asked what wish I could do. I told I could use it to turn ocean into a wolf so she could be seen. Then he asked why I couldn't use it to bring back my mother. 

I shook my head because even if I could it would just be her body not her soul. Something just told me it wouldn't work. Frairo agreed to what I had decided then we went to asleep. The bear had banished but that was nomal everyone dieing just disappears it's just the way things are.

The morning we walked to thought the tall grass to the old forest but before we could get there. A black deer appeared it was like darkness itself had appeared. 

Without a word we scattered running in different directions, but it only comes after me. Then just before it catch me a snake appeared it plunged into the his neck.

The deer weird backwards then hit the snake off with its horns. The snake yell "run" and throw a stone at me it was stone of courage.

 I couldn't believe I got it so quickly but I didn't care right I just had to get away. We all into the old wood in separate directions.The old wood was rumour to been some place where dark creature live and light never touched.

Chapter Three 

Ocean keeps on flying until she couldn't hear anything but her own breathing. She yell for her friends but they weren't around or near by to hear. She started to panic when the tree behind her spoke to her she jumped. Then she saw by the sun light coming in it wasn't a tree but a very old dragon. "Don't be scared little one I was just in amazed that such young dragon, has found it's way here" said the dragon.

Ocean ask why it was amazing for her be there. "Because only humans who have lived a filming of life can become a dragon and you are very young" said the dragon. Ocean wondered why she was so young, the dragon blow a mist out from it mouth to show memories of what she has forgotten.

There a family of four she realised she was the older sister who looked seventeen or eighteen. Then she saw her death it wasn't pretty someone had rape her and smash her head. So she was brain dead so the rest was donated to other people, because all she wanted to is help people. So her body parts were donated to seven people, "i save that many but dose make me worth being a dragon" she ask.

The old dragon nodded "you save countless of what you it may be seven to you, but who them save if it weren't for you" he told her. Ocean thanks him for telling her about her past and, said she should be on her way to find her friends.

She didn't have to go far to find her friends there were being chase by a crocodile. When star spotted her he simply said hi, as if this was a everyday thing. She rolled her eyes and flow after them. Then just there in front was the black deer who charging at them. Yet again they scattered this time the Croc got the charged this time.

We kept running until we were out of the forest then suddenly we bump right into star dad. Who must of taken the long way round to them. The wolfs move to protect star and his friends. Star dad wasn't sure if he could win, but it doesn't mean he wasn't going to gave a shot.

There was a sound like a angry baor coming from the old wood. My father got into a defensive position his hunters did the same with us in the middle.

As the deer made his appearance out of the woods slowly it had red eyes. And purple necklace around his neck the deer was covered in darkness it was like darkness was pull the light in. I feel scared and alone why did he want the stones what was his wish and why did he go this far. He changed at us yelling for us to give him the stones so he could provide his wish.

Chapter Four 

Dad and his pack attack "son runs" said dad, "no i won't leave you" I told him. Dad looked back at his son the minute he did the black deer with his horns smacked. Blood went everywhere "Dad" I shouted then out of nowhere a black panther. Join in the fight the pack took dad to me and told me to look after him. Then went back to hold back the black deer we saw he was out number.

Then the deer shoulder was harmed  then mist appeared around them they surround me and my dad. Finally for what steam like at least five minutes the mist was gone.

The panther took us to a strange looking forest where all the trees had like extra shield. Their were hundred of cats the black panther look like there leader the black panther was a she. We were in a wierd looking cave it had odd looking rocks. "Dad how are you feeling" I ask, "fine I think you and I need to talk".

"Dad am sorry mum gone and I know I can't bring her back"i told him. "Yeah I believe you and I think the reason why ocean is invisible to me is because am not kind but you are your the most kind wolf I have ever seen.

Do you remember that you failed your hunting test" he told me. I looked up and said "yeah but I only failed because I helped my pray because it was trap and lost and I helped it back, I didn't want a easy pray like that.

Then dad laughed at me"your seriously are the  coolest son and the most bravest wolf. I know and you have already proved yourself to me  already so just get over here" i did has I was told. 

My dad looked up while I was sleeping on him "I know you wanted me to thank you I never was good at that this and am  gald you were my son friend though this tough time so thank you". Ocean healed his wound to say your welcome.

Ocean keeps thinking that the panther could see her she flew over to her. "once this place was filled of people but now it's filled it over run with mother nature but there still signs they were here" she told me.

"Do you know what they were like" ocean ask her. "No but the cat told about there owners they were kind but your the second one  I've see" I back at her when she said that.

"What do you mean" I ask "That black deer is now a demon or you could say his to far gone for salvation" she told me. Ocean wasn't surprise she could actually see that. Star  necklaces were growing he now had all stone but what was he going to do with them since dad accepted ocean. Or so what well the deer do now they had all the stones.

Chapter Five 
A New Life 

The black deer was aware he was out number and that he needed, star to gave him the stones. So he had gone to the ice wall that's near the sea. In the ice was a human who perfectly preserved in ice. He used the darkness stone to bring him to life.

Meanwhile star father wake up and saw a stranger figure standing over him. He got up and started growing one question went through his head, how did it get in with out anyone noticed. His question was answered when he saw the black deer with his son and Ocean.

Tight up in a dark mist just above him the deer walk away. Star dad try follow but the undead stop by pointing the gun at one of his pack. Then from behind frairo the fox attack. Which gave star dad the option to attack his arm the gun fall. Then just as the deer with his captives were out of sight everyone else walk up and attack the undead, but what the deer didn't know was that frairo was following them.

He had followed them after he help star dad because, he was just small enough to go rabbit holes. He manage to follow them unnoticed he kept moving in and out of holes until they reached a creepy cave. Frairo ran back to star father to tell him.

Star dad saw frairo in the distance frairo told he knew where to go. Dad howl into the night for the hunter animals to come and fight. They came in big numbers to attack the black deer den. The black deer was aware they were coming the black mist surround him to hide them.

Then Star finally wake up to find ocean still tight up by the mist. The black deer ask for him to hand over the stones and if he didn't, he will squeeze ocean to death. Star at first refuse but then squeeze ocean her scream in pain. Then we hear a howl it was his dad he had found them.

The animals attack and thanks to the lage number of them he managed to get though. The black deer attack when he did, this the mist that kept ocean tight up released her. Star ran over to her then he looked back at dad he was pinned down. The deer was getting ready to kill and changed.

But just when dad thought it was all over star and ocean ran in front of him. Dad felt and ear a liquid tripping he opened to a awful site both star and ocean were impelled the stomach. " Dad now attacked the neck" said star.

Dad cried out but did as he was told and bit into the neck. With one scream of pain the deer he threw off ocean and star. But it was too late he was dieing dad walk over to ocean and star, and to wake them but lucky.

Star wake up he saw he was a ghost a full adult surrounded him, was a full grow dragon it was Ocean. He looked down at dad I wanted to do something, but I knew I couldn't come back the stone did not bring back the dead."It's could bring new life in to the world" said ocean. She was right so I asked the stone to bring a children in this world before we fade away. As there body's fade two wolf cub appeared.

"Dad please take care of are cubs we can't come back, but we can gave birth to new life" star told him. Dad gave out one last howl and picked up one of the cubs then one of his huted wolf picks up the other one. 

Then he stopped at fairo and put the wolf cub down and said "well aren't you coming with us" he said. Fairo look up he had a home event the his friends were gone. He looked where star and ocean once were and said "thank you" and went home.

                     the end


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