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Hearing a mother scream at her 4 year old for crying about his problems because they're small. Not to him, he hasn't faced the world. Never tell anyone their problems aren't big enough to upset them
Watching a father forget his family because he's too busy sleeping with his bottles and making himself sick to remember he's supposed to love his son too
Watching a father take his belt out ready to come at his son for something he didn't even do. Hearing his own child's screams and loving the power, the knowledge that it's all because of him. 
Watching a father walk away from his daughter because the step mom doesn't like her
Hearing a daughter defend her father not spending time with her because he has cancer and work. And that same man buys her love with that work money and never had much time for her when he was at his healthiest.
Listening to a father talk to his daughter calling her by her mother's name because she hung out with someone that he assumes is on drugs when they're more sober than he is
Defending a man for speaking and acting inappropriately to your young daughter. 
Choosing one kid over another
Giving up on your children
Making them bleed and cry 
Not caring enough to feed them
Not even trying to keep them warm
Mean hands and meaner words
Putting addiction first 
Putting other adults first
Walking away from something wonderful that you helped create
And having the audacity to call yourself parents 
While your kids run away from you
And cry themselves to sleep wondering why they aren't good enough
And wait for you to come around
While they hide their bruises
Learn to stay silent and put on a fake smile 
When they make the same mistakes you did because it's all they know
When they kill themselves because even their family hates them 
When they throw a fit just to have a second of your time
When they get sick off of the candy you buy to distract them
You call yourself parents
While you're the reason your babies can't grow 


  • Aug 16, 2021

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