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I’ve seen Angels come
Butterfly wings in December
Golden halos dance
Valentine eyes
Deep black pools
Of wonder, and Innocence
Is she a princess?
More than a bride

A simple glance
Can break a man
and the air is thick
full of anxious rhythem.
A low hum drums through
Palace walls of marbel
Elegant majesty, olive skin
Is she a princess?
More than a bride

Behind the cover of the veil
Her majestic thoughts hide
Subtle motion,
whispered tones
glowing embers, crossing tile
Vivaha, celebration alive
Is she’s princess?
More than a bride

For days on end,
exploding with color
a fire burns, in seven step circuit
Holding hands,
a father fades into the distance of yesterday’s shadow
From girl, to goddess
The moon cast a fragile smile
Is she a princess?
More than a bride

Agni smiles in a state of grace
Welcome home,
a new era has begun
Grihastha blanket,
familiar scents
Dharma calls for happiness
A Spiritual dance of liberation
She is a princess
More than a bride.

(matthew bowers) ~93
© all rights reserved


  • Aug 14, 2021

  • Aug 14, 2021

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