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I seek no more to bridge the gulf that lies
Betwixt our separate ways
For vainly my heart prays
Hope droops her head and dies
I see the sad tired answer in your eyes

I didn't heed and yet the stars were clear
Dreaming that love could mate
Lives grown so separate
But at the best my dear
I see we should not been very near

I knew the end before it's nigh
The stars have grown so plain
Vainly I sigh,in vain
For things that come to some
But unto you and me will never come


  • Ghostly Poet

    Ghostly Poet

    Vainly I sigh, in vain, I feel the in vain part was not needed because you said in vain with the first word already. Still it gets to the point, so well done. 4 stars.

    Aug 15, 2021

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