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Since I first met him. I knew I knew him. There was a light that surrounded him   I was crying when I met him   He made me feel better. His presence gave me hope.  We hung around for a while  then seen each other from time to time   He was in my life and so life was okay I had a deep love for him that was there eternally.  I want to be with. Years went on he went to prison and I moved out of state. I longed for him. For his presence. I found out his information and wrote him. I wrote him everyday. I moved around from state to state    Finally I moved back to Phoenix and started visiting him. I need him   With him I know life will be great. I knew when I met him that he belonged to the Heavenly Father.  I seen it in him. That’s what that light  is that surrounds him.  I did my thing and stayed as close as I could. I moved around   Had a child moved to Las Vegas and tragedy occurred. I was raped in front of my child I was so ashamed. I was traumatized. I stopped writing him.  I was devasted and ashamed. Life wasn’t okay. Time past I found him again    We talked   I missed him I need him  I love him still   We lost contact we lived our life’s. He went back to prison.  I didn’t write this time. Life was still very troubling. Time has past and he is going to come see me. I spoke to him on the phone. I’m so excited.  I’m still so inlove with him. I can’t wait. I’ve had dreams of a married life with him. Will it ever be. I still pray everyday to be with him. I I will finally be free   Even if he just visits me for a while. It will be a dream.  Something tells me he will stay.  I long for him always. He makes me feel like life is finally going to be okay. I feel like my life will finally be lived with the glory of heavens blessings.  I can’t wait to jump into his arms like a happy ending to a supenseful romance novel.  Which I will never put down.  


  • Aug 14, 2021

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