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You thought I was like 
immature young women 
never know I’m similar to other people
I can navigate socially complex situations 
but, I’m not good at it all the time 
I can be sociable and good at partly communication 
used to not be good at making friends 
I’m getting better at it and establish all kind 
of connection and understanding with different people, 
I’m sensitive to climate change and other people’s negative emotions, 
you might not know 
mostly like other people and partly different
is a blessing for me to know what is like 
for all kinds of people because 
had walked through other people and your life experience before 25 years ago. 
Know you not to have that in your life 
do you? 
you just want me to be your friend 
but, I’m not ready to be your friend 
many people have been through 
a lot of their life and want to have friends 
by their side 
honestly, I used to not be good at making friends and want to have one, but I rather 
be a best friend to you, 
I do have other people’s good qualities 
within me that you might not know about me.
But I also can be just like you at times 
I’m not that person you thought I was 
hadn’t told you that I understand you 
on an emotional level 
do you want someone who is like that? 
if you do, and you might be impressed 
that person was me.


  • Well said, 5 stars.

    Aug 14, 2021

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