I'm Writing A Book About Us. It's Gonna Be The Saddest Story Ever Told Read Count : 44

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(Coming to an end)

  I'm going to play this story in reverse.  Because I need a reality that does not end... Like this. I want the "happy ending". I think I deserve it.
  Those untouchable moments. All dreams turned into reality. Instead it feels like....This feels like, Nothing. A deepened emptiness that I try to ignore. Just hide it. Hope it goes away. It doesn't go away. The very point in life when I find myself pulling,  "10 of swords".  Cosigning the feeling in my soul. Feelings of "pain, suffering, and grief ", as the such card suggests.
  Reality of this situation is, it's coming to an end. Honestly,  weve both  known from the start, that this would be the way. 'This is the way', right? But I can't think that. Because that's a trigger. Ptsd. Fun. That's further in this story tho. Not too far from this ending. Although the end seems to come and go with the season. This season feels like...'winters coming'. I just pulled another trigger.  I just can't with you. I just "can't breathe". But,  you loved that part. And I, still love you.


  • Definitely intrigued with this. Well done. A few mistakes, but it is wonderful. 5 stars.

    Aug 13, 2021

  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    I actually liked this. Your writing managed to get me hooked. Good job.

    Aug 13, 2021

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