Voices Of Freedom -21 Read Count : 37

Category : Poems

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Dancing without a name
She was naked in her silence
Stone, statues, salutations
Desires from a Hellenistic waterfront
Ancient scriptures reveal hidden sources
Among firey chariots and beat up taxis
Neon lights flicker to the rhythm of abandoned youth
In a Holy, Glory brought on by the Atomic age
Birds swell like waves in the evening sky
Lighting fires of brilliance, in the skulls of men
Heroes fall like mad children
Women dine upon wine and gold
Winter months take Persephone's hand
And fear takes refuge upon the land
Freedom of expression is lost in Cancel Culture News
We must break the shackles of Adversity
Tyranny, Irony, Authoritative Views
With a New Generation if we are to continue

*(matthew bowers)* ~93


  • Aug 14, 2021

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