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DCF is a service you call regarding terrible parenting. Now imagine threatening to call DCF on your OWN kids, because they won't pick up your jail calls. That's what's happening up in this house. First of all, this woman has been blowing up their phones back to back EVERY DAY. All their money is gone BITCH. NOBODY CAN ANSWER YOU RIGHT NOW. We've explained it to her over and over again, but she still doesn't get it. Her response was "I don't care if y'all got money on there or not, I'm getting sick and fucking tired of y'all not answering my calls. If I don't hear from you I'll be forced to call DCF, and you, MY children will be placed in temporary homes, so at least I'll know where you are, so I can talk to you!!" NOOOOOO LADY. YOU ARE IN JAIL!!! GET REAL. You have no control, and you're pissed about it. WE KNOW. But you ain't gonna do SHIT from inside that dirty, nasty cell you're gonna be stuck in for the next 3-4 months. You signed over those kids to MY MOM. She has FULL custody of them, so as long as she's here, you can't force them into SHIT. You aren't calling anyone. Calm all the way tf down, thank you.


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