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I was like other peoples 
only feel what people feel 
think what people are thinking 
I can navigate a complex situation 
but, not good at it all the time 
had been a sociable person, 
improve partly of my communication. 
Sometimes avoid a topic that makes me 
feel discomfort, or didn’t know what to say 
used to not be good at making friends,
but I’m getting better at it now, 
I can establish all kinds of relationships with people, but 
I can be stubborn because is part of my nature. 
I can feel everything become overwhelming 
for me, 
is not because I want to hurt anybody or hurt people’s feelings nobody knew, 
I’m suffering from my mental health 
hard for me to be who I am as a person 
doesn't know who I am anymore, 
my sensitivity has to do with climate changes 
and feel other people’s negative emotions 
at once. 
Nobody knew I’m living in both worlds.


  • Aug 13, 2021

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