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It's a dangerous game
Russian Roulette
With pen and paper
Committing suicide 
With a note
Drafted to the gods
Too high of an expectation
People, humans
Will always let you down

As you look to the shadows
For answers
Perhaps hope?
The frequency resonating
Is "make yourself scarce"
You're invisible in their minds
Out of touch
In what they believe
This world wasn't meant for you
Take a breath
And let That sink in

Horrible monsters
Snake oil salesmen
Repo-men of souls
Out to get yours

Bargain bin lives
Cruel jokes and lies
Heddie Tempest Uniform
All the better to disguise
Their intentions

Did you believe in the Sun God
Monotheistic spiritual revolution
Did you take 
The power away
From the priests and the fools

I walk across Broadway Blvd
It parts like the red sea
All the homeless 
and junkies 
Staring through me
I wear a sign on my back
Folks come from miles around
To get their two cents in

Florence Nightingale 
Jeanne d'Arc
Marie Curie
All kissed by Judas lips
Hailing a taxi back to Echo Park
There's no sense in the violence
Or the word's never spoken
Like a tree bearing strange fruit
I swing in the breeze

The laughter at loyalty
The christening of other's sins
Dreams and Rules 
We're meant to be broken
It's the comedy and drama within
I basked in the glory of loneliness
I've held ritual in it's delight
The people
The shadows 
Are best from a distance
Behind closed doors
I can no longer let you in

There's pain from experience
Fools justify the means
As long as it's at my expense
Their record remains clean
As the town crier
Rather, Longfellow's muse
Celebrating madness
Self imposed abuse
The house of cards I've erected
Crumbles down 
From generations 
Of built up karma
If you can believe...

In between the cracks
Of the sidewalk 
Spat on each day
Trash accumulating psyche
Reaching hallowed chambers
Of the end
As ravens fly
As the blood moon will rise
There's a Calling 
At the end 
Of That rope
The one
That whispers my name

*(matthew bowers)* ~93
© 2021


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