Love Fast Die Young (and Leave A Good Looking Corpse)- #1 Read Count : 35

Category : Poems

Sub Category : N/A
Homespun Dreams  
Greener pastures
White Lightening fields
City lights 
City life
Nuclear exploration
Atomic Bomb extremes
Door mouse silent whispers
Kool air heights in wake
Rather starve for art
Than die in vain
The poets mask
Boys and Girls
Girls and Boys
Krazeee mixers
Hopped up on bennies
This Brilliant Single Eye
Fills my soul while 
Casting shadows
Through velvet curtains
Along echoing floors
With great Wings
To the left and to the right
The house filled
The smell of canibus
Saturated air
Hangs like Woolen thoughts
Reprise in
Alone out here
Into the mouth
Of a thousand faces
Each transfixed
To make a star 
*(matthew bowers)* ~93
© 2021


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