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Stupid ....

you have thrown overboard so many dreams, so many nights, so much love, so many longings that has cost us so much to build up.

 Stupid ....

you have truncated my love in a second by running after an illusion, after a desire, a temporary pleasure after all.

Stupid ....

I believed in you ,you've let me down, when I have seen you fall I have forgiven you, I have fought to always be by your side.


you cruel child with no heart or feelings, variable like a kite towards the wind and unable to take a step for love.


 not now! I have plenty of pride to lower myself anymore.  


not now!  It's late now and I swear I'll never see you again


 not now!  your words can't convince me

no! not now, save them all, I swear I'll never see you again.

Stupid ....

butterfly circling on a flame 

you do not realize  that you will come to me tomorrow when this passion that now inflames you ends.


open your eyes widely because when this is over everything is going to turn against you and I will not be by your side when you wake up.

 Stupid ....

how much damage will your departure cause me, how long will it take to heal my wound

How long stupid.


  • Aug 12, 2021

  • Well done, 5 stars.

    Aug 13, 2021

  • Nov 26, 2021

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