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They think I was unkind 
being like a brat 
always getting my way 
never going to grow up 
hate going forward in life 
being codependent on a person 
won’t let them go, 
wish they could see the underneath 
I’m just an ordinary person 
I do have Gemini traits with many positivities 
I do have downsides of negativity 
when anything changes can happen 
for an ordinary person 
withdrawal from people and family 
if everything gets overwhelming for me 
wish they know who I am underneath 
this world is not easy for me, 
I’m like other people, and I’m different 
stress about the sudden change 
that going around me, 
I can be weird and strange to you. 
I might not be perfect 
I’m being who I am 
knew who is perfect match for me 
someone who has the trait of Libra. 
I can’t be around people 
who think my growth is competition 
if we can’t be happy for one another, 
we have nothing in common. 


  • Aug 12, 2021

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