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I come home and peace is not what I find. Instead I find I become distraught and a feeling of disgust and sadness quickly overcomes me. I know I need to move out. I want to badly.  It’s not fair that I am the one feeling like this.  I want to be close to my daughter.  I want to be a mother.  Nobody should ever be bullied away from their child. Yet this woman has done nothing but manipulate everyone around   She has faked her friendship with me and then threatened me with hurting me and yet I’m the one that needs to move out. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never felt such a overwhelming feeling of disgust before.  I wish her karma would quickly come.  She’s a bully and I wish she would just get out of my life. 


  • Oneil Goodman

    Oneil Goodman

    your beautiful strong woman don't let stuff like that hold you down

    Aug 11, 2021

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