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Yesterday my mind go through the past, 
It remind me all the mistakes. 
I really couldn't ignore, 
The word"Today will be the last", 
I used to say, 
staring at cigarette. 
I never thought, 
My mind will let me pay. 
I couldn't run away, 
I could make only excuse. 
I was all alone, 
"Smoking"it showed me a way. 
It said" I will let you forget your pain"
I smiled and accept that temporary happiness. 
I could feel I was not that person, 
I was just little bit insane.
Many people were against us, 
I thought of leaving. 
But with teary eyes she used to look, 
And say"leaving me will be your great loss".
I was trapped, 
I was jeopardized. 
I was wrapped in the box of darkness, 
And no body came for me to unwrap.
A boy with curly hair, 
Asked me to promise, 
To leave  temporary happiness, 
He is the one who unwrap me with and cure.. 


  • Aug 11, 2021

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