Daddy Thomas And His Loyal Doggie Husband Pt 2 Read Count : 37

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The next day, Princess Pony was very excited, too excited about the special occasion to celebrate its success and level changes in the secret relationship with its Daddy. I immediately ran upstairs to his room to congratulate him on our anniversary as Daddy and Son but of course Secretly. 

All of a sudden when I arrived upstairs at Princess Pony’s room. I opened the door, its room was small like a stable, a bed with an iron headboard with rings to tie it to, stuffed animal toys on the chairs and by the bed, behind which was a small bookshelf. I look in and hear strange humping sounds almost like it was jerking itself off. I see with disgust that it is, and to my brand new pair Brazilian style black equestrian boots, a beautiful looking long pair of boots. 

When I bust down the door I was correct my Submissive was Jerking all over a leave a few drops. I was surprised to hear that it was Him. 

Princess Pony responded :I could not resist it, looking at the Equestrian picture of you and your lovely Superior Boots Master aroused me so much, his boots made me think of him, disciplining me sadistically while wearing them.

I began to jerk off knowing he was downstairs.

I was about to cum as he entered the room, scowled at me and kicked me to the floor.

He boomed "Slave! explain ?why!"

"I'm sorry Master, I could not help it, they excite me thinking if you wear them!"
Master took the boots, a pair of Brazilian long equestrian riding boots, pulled them onto his feet and attached the spurs, and kicked my legs from under me so I fell onto my knees.

"Then I need to punish you for making them dirty, and masterbating without my permission! Do you agree with slave Pony?"

"Yes Master, I agree to any punishments you think I deserve Master, for as long as you desire to inflict them"

,"Good pony, I can assure you, you will suffer greatly for your disobedience!"

You weren't just Jerking off in your room to a Pretty hot picture of your Beautiful Dom's? Princess Pony 

I have an Excellent plan for you which will help you to learn who is going to band you up the arse area but hard enough to make you uncomfortable for my pleasure. 

But you slap me and give me negative lip, so after that you slammed the old wooden door at me trying to force me to leave your room but I put foot in the way to stop you closing the door and then all of a sudden you felt in a general position where you were trapped with no release or escape from Me, so quickly I dropped my Tight heavy weight leather working trousers down and pulled You down in front of me forcing you straight towards my beautiful Hard Rock Dick for me ready to Deepthroat you so hard and force you not to breathe any fresh air in until I saw into pretty Pony eyes were to too seriously apologise for the inconvenience you caused by your disappointing response 


“Yes Master I was looking at a picture of a hot Domme as I rubbed myself Master”

I looked at Master, feeling remorse, but saw the coldness in his eyes and knew I’d be made to suffer. I heard him say he’d use my arse for his pleasure and knew what it meant! He’d described before how he strapped and chained his slaves to a custom made, leather bound pommel horse, and whipped them or raped them repeatedly until they screamed ‘for his pleasure’.

In fear I tried to run, knocking him in the face, cutting his lip as I bolted to the door. I tried to close it, his leather riding boot placed in the way stopped it and he dragged me by my bridle back into the room. Swiftly he bound my hands behind my back with cuffs and forced me to my knees.

I could see his arousal by the bulge in his tight leather trouser, and watched as he undid his belt, then bound my elbows together painfully with it, and dropped his trousers to the floor.

The Master's cock was always magnificent, but this time it was more than ever, large, thick, veins standing on end with a thick purple head.

I saw him smile, and command “Open wide Pony!”

I obeyed, and felt him ram his cock deep into my mouth, deep down into my throat, and held my nose closed with his fingers as he rammed in and out!

I gasped for breath, chest quivering, unable to take air in, looking up into his eyes, my own full of tears in remorse for my disobedience to Master, then softly pleading with Master to let me take a breath. I played with his cock shaft with my tongue, sucking on it, hoping the pleasure of it would please him and he would let me breathe. My own cock quiervered, now hard too, as I suckled my Masters cock.  I knew this was just the start, Master would make sure I’d learn never to disobey him again, and I knew then that any defiance and disobedience would never be allowed.

He came in my mouth, spurting thickly, released my nose so I could gulp and swallow his hot cum. Master smiled at me, and pulled his cock out. I licked the tip clean of his cum as he stroked my hair softly.

Then without warning he  forced my head up hard by my bridle and dragged me to my feet!

“Up you useless pathetic beast! Now pony, after that little foreplay, I am going to do some very painful and unpleasant things to you to teach you never to disobey me or run from me ever again!”

He dragged me to the leather pommel horse, and bound me to it by its cuffs, legs wide apart!

End of Ceremony 2


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