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The alternate of his happiness opened up
Like a searing wound in an accident.
He felt his true being, being happy, 
Was no longer a part of him. 
"Why is there sadness?" He shrieked.
"Why can't I ever sense the flow joy?"
Those double emotions of his flickered
In constant random pattern with easy unease.
He thought how malicious the universe was
Creating contrasting moods and tones
Of acute pains and pure joys; of falling frowns
And simple smiles; Of faltering failure and smashing success; of high hyping and
Low Lukewarmness;
Of burning loss and bountiful profit ;
Of a living life and a daring death....
He thought comparatively endlessly.
Is this life really balanced?
Having brooded and thought indefinitely,
He resigned to a philosophical conclusion-
"Life holds no action and fascination 
Without virtues and vices.
Virtues need vices in order to stand out. Likewise,vices need virtues in order to stay apart.
Out of sadness, happiness emerges.
Out of happiness, sadness raises its ugly head".
Profound aphorism indeed. I pondered
 The alternate and mysterious paradox of emotions.


  • Cimthog Abegunde

    Cimthog Abegunde


    Aug 10, 2021

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