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I  went to the door, wanting to explore the world we live in.
What they had told methey sold me.
I sense that they lie so it's time for me to fly.
I have no wings, so, how can I excape these things?
As an Innocent man who thought he can.
Opened the door and went thru it.
No doubt on his mind, he's one of a kind.
They say that he's crazy a n d I say that's insane, you don't even know his name.
Passing through the portal, he suddenly felt  mortal.
I smile  and smile, there's no denial.
We once had a deal, not to squeal.
I know what's behind the doorsaid the guy on the floor.
Search for Thor, the thunder God himself.
This is my dream, to recruit him for my team.
Lightning my game, Russell my name.
Not from the grape vine, I do love to intertwine.
Twisting and turning, that's been the learning
How to break free from thee.
I've found my way back to the door, crawling on the floor.
Now that I'm here, I fear to go throughKnowing what's awaiting me on the other side, I hide.
No dream is real, I feel.
Sold me they did as they bid me to serve in their honor.
No one can know, you're the flow.
Some day, they say, you may not stay.
Will you make it, can you take it?
Go underground, you've been around since time was bound,  I've found.
The distance I've come and don't know where from.
Now I'm undercover.
On the right path, I see the rough.
The path overgrown, it's known.
So many Sin, long has it been for someone to
emerge from the cover.
Choose was I, to be the one to fly.
To walk down this path, clearing the floor to the door.
A difficult journey, yearning the truth.
Once found, it may hurt.
That's inert.
The path has thorns,  you'll be torn, but,
You were born to brave it.
A signpost you see is your calling to be.
Showing  those who are searching a path for the lurching.
This path over here, is the one you  fear. As I near.
I know, I must show, those who hoe.
Smoothing he weeds, planting seeds.
Our work is never done, no time for fun.
Those passing through, never knew, it was me who lead them.
Some times I must fly the heavens above, so don't shove.
Like it or not, like snot, it's just there, to share.
I show to way o those astray.
Both the good and the bad,
it's sad, I'm not mad
Not my right to choose who might.
To deny would be a lie. I still want back. To my shack.
Pass through the portal, no longer mortal.
The door is no more.
Destroyed, I'm so annoyed.
Pedestrians have been rare ,the path overgrown, haven lost their way, not so gay.
I come again to wash their Sin.
Your last in line, is the first in mine.
We've reached the floor and there's the door.

Open it, I  do,

The rest is up to you.

I hear my name and turned in time to catch a kind  glimpse of the future.
I want you to know at this is no show.
No trick. Don't be a Dick.

Oh look, there's a line, they're  coming to mine.

Have the Sinners have taken over.


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