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A vast our love like purple twind twisting twisted colours matching blue,
Oh how our love me and you me and you.
Purple kisses our lips as it makes love to your true passionate blue.
The colours it makes with it's two red combines to blue it's twerlling love of two, love of two.
Let's make our love like two colours match mix there two true.
Our love fix.
Fixed our loves kiss blue me and you, me and you.
Your love's hug on my body from loves love good.
You all you.
Yours your true love, love's true.
Your touch passions touch me your beautiful loves kiss lips red only taste so different beautiful your yours your beautiful you.
Your reach to my hands heart beat beats a constant love to your feelings sweet lovely us the way you make us kiss our connections connection to us with you.
Take my making heart break broken heart,
Let our heart breaks beat to the ottomans blossom flow grew growing our your passion's to a blooming bloom flowers purple red blue sweet kiss from the stems of showing sprout it's flower from your beautiful heart mixtures colours to us our your mine is our me and you.....


  • I somewhat understand, misuse of several words, words in places they make no sense... Keep going. 3 stars.

    Aug 09, 2021

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