House Of Heart Broken Torn Read Count : 41

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Candles of an old room from an old house.
Stair wells broken to there seeping cracks of low.
The background backyard dirt tells stories of it's battles and digs dug from it's lasting black muled.
The wooden dark walls cry a saddened story of pain of old peoples live from long ago as it's still stands fade.
In it's background the grey fills the house with depressing outstanding views show.
The tears filled the roof of many times from old times in fold.
The sky cry's tears of storm for it's built bind to the house rooms with windows open broken never to be closed.
As it's floods crying cry's of pain all over furniture and tables flooding tears of water to it's sad carpet floor.
In this place never no none sunshine there's to much grey black dark feeling with out sounds as it sounds a silent flow.
Empty in this house of no.
It stills it's stilling under it's many of door opened to any and all.
But it's empty never leads not one new soul to the houses undying standing lost long sad ongoing old.
A part of it's knowing only to be known to a person that never could find it's open outside door but closed in it's broken heart of wood metal wire paper nail and ground summent made from broken heart's to live in it's longsome long alone.... 


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