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She has been hurt due to rejection 
since her teenager years 
had a problem with many 
of her peers, 
her health condition had 
related to what happened to her 
while she was in her high school years, 
she used to be busy 
have job responsibilities
had to volunteer many places 
around high school. 
Every people and peer 
blamed her for things she didn’t do 
she has been feel stress 
and made her loses control 
many years later 
everything started all over again 
at first, she was still kind to other peoples 
always smiling love to socialize with different people and struck a conversation 
many people like to be her friends 
always love to talk to her, 
that when she met a good-looking male, 
he always had this bright smile on his face 
and always struck a conversation with her, 
they become friends about one year 
a month later 
everything went well 
another year something went downhill, 
her health condition related to the 
problem with the way, she acts in a certain way,
wasn’t her fault not to think what she was saying or doing. 
She had a problem with her mental health, 
she is just sensitive to things that overwhelm her 
pressure her to move on can cause her 
to be insensitive at times, 
she is sensitive to other people and their emotions, 
she understands other people and what is like 
for them.
She embraces every people’s flaws and mistakes 
why she is just like Rapunzel? 
her love comes from 25 years ago 
no matter what people hurt her, 
she still loves them 
know how hard is it for other people, 
she has a hard time choosing between 
her mental health and people’s freedom 
to happiness. 
Know what she wants rather not to say 
she wants to avoid hurting anybody 
she scares to say things that make people 
discomfort and make it worst, 
all she wants is to compromise and get along 
with peoples,
hearing what people say to her 
make her discomfort 
that is why she stays silent. 
she can’t deal with changes 
think about the past is her sense of comfort. 


  • Aug 09, 2021

  • Aug 09, 2021

  • Aug 20, 2021

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