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You're hopeless.
You're worthless.
Your heart is over-baring.
You're wreckless wishing you'd feel less;
Because in the end, they always make you even more so lifeless.

You're a moron.
You don't deserve a thing.
The moment I feel useful;
They bring me right back to feeling so fucking useless. 

You're a fuck up.
You're never going to do anything right.
You don't deserve anything;
For that life you used to live.

You're a disgrace.
You're always in a rush these days;
For waiting too many years to say something;
Took every last bit of strength left.

You're selfish.
Why can't I be though?
It's hard on my own;
I keep losing everything every damn fucking time. 

All that matters;
Always leaves.
Who am I these days?
I'm just a guy shackled by invisible chains.


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