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Started enrolled in Bellevue College 
since the year 2017-2018
 I have two educations, 
in different time on Saturday 
another on daily life 
I had four course classes
when I first met you 
was in the year 2019, 
even though I didn’t know 
you have a massive crush on me,
 I first saw you in person 
I was mentally trapped in your mind and soul, 
whatever you’re feeling 
didn’t know who I am as a person 
I was highly tuned into your emotions, 
don’t know what I was doing nor what 
I’m saying to you, 
didn’t know why I was emotional 
you thought I was crying because 
for another reason
You nor other people didn’t aware 
the things I do nor what I say 
had many things in my mind
can’t think straight 
feel your mental health 
within me, 
know how busy you were 
you thought I don’t know 
what is inside your mind, 
I had same experience as you do 
how did I not know 
What’s going on in your mind 
I would what you to be more open 
with me not to feel scare and nervous 
share this with me, 
you might not know 
I experienced same as you do 
we were friends started out, 
you said to me before“ can we 
take it slow?” 
hard for me to turn you down 
because I wanted to avoid hurting you just didn’t see the truth 
my life before I had met you, 
know what you’re going through 
all of your life 
because it did happen to me 
later in my life, 
understand what it feels like 
know how hard is it for you, 
I know how much pressure 
you’re under, 
I’m an ordinary person just like you, 
I live in both lives as both a different person 
you didn’t know how much pressure 
I’m under, 
you didn’t see the truth 
you didn’t know 
I felt the same as you do 
my mental health is same as yours 
know what is like for you, 
you’re not alone 
I’m here to back you up 
not put you down 
sometimes I do put you down 
because I felt same emotions as you do 
we both are struggling with our mental 
know what you feel in a difficult situation 
want to get away from a situation that 
make me feel overwhelmed, 
hard for me to make the situation better 
about another year 
everything was going very well 
until you were in a burnout mode 
due to extreme stress you’re 
you may not realize 
your burnout mode 
affect me 
I’m sensitive to 
your negative emotions 
you told your best friend 
convinced me to move on,
when you said that 
won’t back to me 
told me about your moving 
impact my mental health, 
my symptoms got severe 
as you didn’t know 
have symptoms of separation anxiety 
from you, do you have something to say to me? 


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