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An in depth look;
At a life where it was all took.
I escaped death four times in this book.
That's not counting the attempted suicides.

I'm still here alive;
Failing at every turn.
No matter if the choice is the right one;
Or if it's the wrong one.

I've found her;
More times than once.
The one that makes the pit;
Feel like it isn't endless. 

Every chance;
They'd run or I'd run.
Mostly, I'd get my feelings out and;
Get told I'm too clingy and talk too much.

A question my friends are asking;
Do you love yourself?
I do but I don't;
I'm the stone they stepped on to feel better.

I'm trying, harder than ever.
To believe I deserve someone by my side.
My heart's in a million pieces;
Yet they all come together for her still. 

I don't know what to do anymore.


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