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Your mental health
is the same as me 
whatever you were feeling you inside myself 
felt mentally trapped, 
in your mind and soul 
know what you need, 
 understand you as a person 
sensitive to your negative feelings 
listen to you, 
talked about your childhood life 
it makes me take that by heart 
know how much pressure you’re under, 
you must feel tired and weak 
know what it feels like for you 
talk to your best friends about 
everything I did to you 
is not the best way to do, 
shouldn’t let them break us apart 
rush me into moving on
made the matter worse on me,
we both understand each other 
I’m mentally trapped in your mind 
and your soul, do you think is easy for me? 
thought you’re not my type 
the truth is I’m your type of person, 
you didn’t realize 
how much I put a lot of time and effort 
to make you felt comfortable, 
secure and loved 
what you’re doing 
drift us apart, 
hate when come to the end 
can you see I tried my best 
to do everything to make you 
feel happy and comfortable, 
care about your mental health 
more than care about myself, 
you should give me another chance 
due to my strength and what I’m good at 
I’m mostly responsible for take care of people 
I’m good at releasing stress relief massages 
what do you say? 
would you think about it? 
I make you feel stress at time, however, 
I can make you feel comfortable, 
secure and loved, even though 
I’m not perfect you should accept 
me who I am as a person and see my strengths 
can you see I can do for you? 
I’m a person have everything in life 
and good at take care of peoples 
how much do you want from me? 


  • Oct 21, 2021

  • Oct 22, 2021

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