Humanities Devastation- World Introduction: First Encounter Episode 1 Read Count : 19

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"We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us"- Joker.

  The date is December 29, 2024. 11 years before World War 3. Everything was normal. Humanity was normal. There was nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, and nothing to be concerned about.

  After the 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic, lasting up until early 2023, life was back to normal. Everything opened up, ports were uncluttered, people had work. The world was spinning like normal. The president of the United States was at the G20 Summit in Switzerland. The topic was climate change. World leaders from the 20 countries attending put their ideas out on the table. The United Kingdom Prime Minister set out a proposal on the table.

  "We need to cut down on our carbon footprint." The United Kingdom's Prime Minister claims.
  "And how do you do propose we do that?" Asked China's President.
  "First we can start converting from gas powered vehicles to electric vehicles." The United Kingdom's Prime Minister suggested.
  Everyone at the summit argued back and forth. The summit lasted nearly a week.

  January 2, 2025. A new year. 10 years until World War 3. The summit ended January 1.

  In an isolated part of the United States, scientist received an strange signal from space. The head scientist there quickly informed the navy. It was the second signal ever received from beyond the solar system since the 1970s.

  "We  must keep this a secret from the public. And the world!"
  "We must-"
  "Not even the president!" Yelled the navy captain before hanging up on the head scientist.


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