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You thought I had everything 

in life in reality, it wasn't 


both of my parents weren’t perfect 

they argue and talk loudly with each other 

my life that I had experience

always being busy as a teenager 

workaround high school 

volunteer with extra jobs, 

I was overwhelmed by everything 

didn’t know I got socially bullied 

haven’t realized people were gossiping 

about me behind my back,

rumors were everywhere 

people seem to treat me 

like I wasn’t a good person, 

my life just like people’s life 

my reputation as being popular 

slowly fade away 

I was still working at my jobs 

around high school with 

extra jobs to do, 

I met a teenage boy 

looking good 

that person was in 

my spotlight of being 


 I got rejected by him 

after I got hurt 

I was losing control 

can’t control what I was feeling 

and my teenage hormone, 

didn’t know what I was doing 

nor what I was saying 

nobody knew why I was behaved

like that 

when I got home after school 

I felt tired and weak 

told her what happen to me, 

didn't tell her about how 

going to school affect 

my relationship with friends 

and classmates, including my teachers, 

didn't tell her how I was socially bullied 

I feel mentally trapped 

nobody wanted to hang out with me 

outside of school, 

felt like nobody going to 

take me outside of school 

to hang out with me, 

I never find someone 

who will love me as who I am 

on the next day 

make the matter worse 

got to the point 

I said something I shouldn't have to say 

I was struggling with my health 

it hard to control what I was doing 

nor what I just said, 

just lose control due to 

severe stress I was having 

at home after school 

I can’t sleep at night with the circle 

under my eyes, 

I had anxious thoughts running into my mind 

when I finally graduated from high school 

thought I was free, but I was still mentally trapped due to gossiping rumors at the age of 21 

I am finally free from this horror 

I started a new life 

as an adult, 

Bellevue College at the year 


I was busy with 

two schools on different days 

one on Saturday 

another school in daily life 

taken four courses class 

Drama, Spanish, English Writing Class, 


I was very busy with many things 

didn't know I took four classes 

I was tired and weak 

still manage it very well 

can’t keep up with other people

my grade wasn’t that great 

in the year 2019 

I met a friend 

who was very funny 

always a very kind person 

who was just like me, 

but, didn’t know him 

that I didn't him that 

I was busy with things 

I need to sort it out

without anything distracting me

the truth of my life nobody knew about. 


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