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Every person is like the sun at one point. We're all the main characters in our own lives until you meet the people (if you meet them) that make you realize that you're not the only main character. "All men were created equal." That's a load of crap, and we should all know it by now. Yeah, we have the same major features; we were all born with hearts, eyes, bones, blood, etc, but we're not the same. We all have eyes, but they come in different colors. We have different genes. We all have skin, but we wear different shades of it. Some people are short, while others are tall. We all have different personalities too. No one person is exactly the same as any other. We're all different; we live different lives, and experience different things as we go. Those experiences effect the way that we live. It's life. Everything sucks and everything is great, depending on the person.


  • Oct 22, 2021

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