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We’re honest and persistent 
empathetic and thoughtful 
sensitive and kind, 
we’re trustworthy and independent 
polite and compassionate 
respectful and affectionate, 
we’re authentic and caring 
loyal and fun 
insightful, tolerant and determined 
we prefer sameness and insist on a routine 
both of us have sensory issues in different 
stages in our life, 
we both have a challenging behavior 
we have restricted interests 
both of us have slower than normal development 
we do not always respond to directions 
of staff members, and you can’t respond 
when people called your name 
back when you’re a toddler, 
we both have difficulty with 
transition and changes 
both of us 
can’t shake negative emotions 
off within ourselves, 
we both affected by energy 
people’s mood swings 
around us
both of us startle easily 
we both are easily overwhelmed 
by our senses in different stages 
in our previous lives, 
both of us avoid stressful situation 
we both identify as deeply emotional 
both of us are attuned to nuances 
we both work hard to please other peoples 
both of us are good at prioritization and planning, 
we both used to have speech and communication therapy 
as a child and in the teenage year, 
the truth you can’t deny it 
we both knew each other 
about a year
knew you over time 
didn’t realize 
I was under your influence
it makes me behave just like you
my personal life makes me 
understand you and your life 
from we have a lot in common 
the truth you can't deny it 
we meant to be with each other 
our academic skills 
are not that great,
I felt what you’re feeling 
in the same difficult situation, however, you didn’t realize 
avoided the difficult situation 
because I felt overwhelmed by 
everything around me, 
it made me feel my heart is pounding 
fast and can’t breathe felt I was about to 
pass out, I feel dizzy and light-headed 
I was shortened of breath, 
that is why I need to walk away to 
feel that I can catch my breath
when I felt better 
I’ll come back to you, 
I was just overwhelmed
by everything going on 
in my personal life 
caused me to lose control 
of what I do or what I said 
that causes me to behave 
in an aggravating manner. 


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