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By Adepoju Samuel (Adesam)

We trooped into the streets
To demand what we needed.
We converged on the Toll gate
To air our grievances and griefs
Of a ruthless rulership and ruler.
Shouted we did at the highest pitch
With our parched throats and churned bellies,
Yelling to them, "End, SARS. End SARS! End, SARS!

Suddenly, blankets of doom covered us in
One full surge of darkness and despair.
Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!
Instead of laughter of victory rolling,
Blood of potential youths flew
And bodies littered the tall Toll gate.
In fright, we scampered wailing "End something"
This time we forgot the SARS as we scuttled.
Some even added in agony "End! Sirs" "End! Sirs"
Pity of pities pitted against in deep pities.
But, today, we hold in memory the tragic heroes


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